George 2012 Allen

Tim Kaine Gains over George Macaca Allen 2012

Allen is a candidate for Virginia in 2012, to be in the Senate.

Will George Allen's Virginia history benefit or hurt him in 2012? Will Virginian's remain in awe, or ashamed by his background prior to the 2012 Senate race? Is George Allen really fit to be a Senator in 2012? Does Virginia desire Senator Allen, will Virginia benefit from Senator Allen, will Virginia rejoice with George Allen's 2012 election?

George Allen Data Points

-George Felix Allen, born on 3/8/52

-was surprised to find out he is of Jewish heritage on his mothers side

-attended UCLA and University of Virginia

-is the son of former NFL coach, also named George Allen

-was Virginia's 67th Governor

-now serves on YAF

George Allen used a controversial expression, Macaca or Macacaw. Will Kaine manage to make use of this? Will George Allen, the former VA governor, shrug this away?

Former Governor George Allen has a lot of things going for him in the 2012 Senate race, such as a good sized lead in the early polls. Whether George Allen can sustain that lead in 2012, only George Allen will know for sure.


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